About Miiny

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, we want you to be able to play our awesome games on any mobile device you own. All our games are available for free, with special virtual items available to help you get that extra edge.

As smartphones become commonplace, mobile games has become the best form of entertainment - anytime, anywhere, all in the palm of your hand. Miiny is committed to designing and developing the best games, and the best people make the best games.

That’s why we carefully recruit only the best talent - from game programmers, to designers, and marketers.

While Singapore is well-known for being a financial hub, it has also become a centre for tech start-ups. Major game industry players call Singapore home, and Miiny will become a significant key player in the global gaming conversation.

Our vision is to be recognised as a leading international games development company, constantly developing, understanding, and improving our premium line-up of games.

Our mission is to constantly develop great games with the best user experience. We want our games to be playable for everyone, and to grow alongside us.

Yes, Miiny’s one-of-a-kind mobile gaming revenue generating model means it’s not just us, but you too will benefit and grow as you play our great games.

The brainchild behind Miiny is Mr Kenneth Tham, founder and CEO, who has been in the IT and games development industry for 15 years.

“Miiny is the culmination of my lifelong work. I want to create a win-win situation for the company, our partners and gamers. We want to be the first Singapore company to be a major player in the global gaming industry” – Kenneth Tham